Night Moon was founded in 2013, London. Today it is an internationally working leisure & amusement consultancy & development company, who specializes in developing amusement, entertainment, and leisure spaces from the idea to turnkey all over the world.

Night Moon collaborates with various design & architect studios, different products manufacturers all over different countries. Our mission is to create unique and fresh projects for any needs and budget. We believe that every project is unique. That Creativity & Business needs to be blended harmoniously to be successful.

Night Moon team helps clients by choosing and offering new solutions & products, advice on how to push projects further, and to get the best value. We are real business partners, working to achieve total project success and reach the WOW moment.

Whatever your question is – looking for the new business development solutions, or at how to add value to your project, or for the unique products, or want to push your project forward - we are here to help you!

Night Moon is a company with tremendous expertise, confidence, appreciates challenges, responsibility. Our decisions are based on strategic thinking and accurate assessment of the business environment and goals.  



Aiste Saulyte - Aliukoniene Night moon
Aiste Saulyte
Co- Founder &
International sales director

Aiste is a sales business professional with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment & leisure business, who specializes in finding the best products to our customers. She is energetic & self-motivated, also actively achieving clients' business objectives in various contexts. Personal characteristics allowed her to become a very well connected person in the entertainment industry and to help our clients successfully implement projects all over the world from various business industries - starting from small private companies to large resorts and FEC centers.

Linas Aliukonis

Linas is a business professional with over 10 years' experience in marketing, with expertise in e-marketing. Passion for growing our client's businesses, together with his strategic and leadership skills, had a valuable impact on the challenging and highly competitive business market. Linas is frequently consulting our clients & providing advice on integrated marketing communications and e-commerce solutions. He is skilled in innovative marketing strategies, website attendance improvement, sales promotion, digital business process management. Linas believes that everything is measurable on the Internet, and everything can be optimized & improved.

Ieva Night moon
Ieva Silinskaite
Co - Founder &
International business development

Ieva is a business development professional with over 15 years' experience in international business, who specializes in choosing the best solutions, implementing feasibilities studies, business modeling, ROI assessment, business development, business operations management, with key strengths in finding new opportunities or business improvement potential. Working in the entertainment & leisure business for several years, she is highly motivated and well connected, frequently consulting large companies across the globe, has a proven track record in choosing the best products and solutions for our clients.


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