Zoning & master planning 

Every project starts with the concept, zoning plan & masterplan, and we can offer this kind of service. We cooperate with various Design & Architect studios all over the world, so we can offer our clients various styles. In order to make every project one of a kind, we are happy to assist our clients with the creative side of every project. If space works toward making one feel affable, amiable, and sociable-it is the architecture of hospitality, which we aim to create. From universal concepts based on users, contexts, and our world today, we shape intuitive experiences of space and its usage. Our designers aim not to break but to unify.

By choosing these services, our clients get:
• Concept development
• Zoning plan
• The preliminary master plan
• Design & theming 

Turnkey project development 

Project implementation from the initial idea to turnkey has been the core business of the company since we started. Clients all around the world have trusted us as their partner in the development of leisure and amusement zones for guests of all ages. Over the years we implemented various projects all over the world, gained a lot of experience, so we can advise what your guests would love, what will be generating additional visitors, and cash flow for your business.

The turnkey process includes all the steps to develop the project:
• Concept development, zoning plan, master plan, design & theming
• Engineering
• Production
• Project management
• Complete installation
• Training

We accompany our client from the start-up and initiation of the project until final project implementation. Our goal is to offer the best experience, so we take care of every detail in the project implementation process.  

Selection of standardized products 

Screening of the new project ideas is the first step of all project evaluation. Such criteria as the potential added value of the chosen product, fitting of potential product into the business’s long-range strategy need to be thoroughly considered. Not every project needs custom made products, so we can offer standardized products as well.

We are proud to represent exceptional manufacturers of truly unique standardized products, which fit very well for leisure, hospitality, amusement, entertainment businesses, as well as for individuals.
• Domes
• Cocoons
• Play structures
• Playgrounds
• Swings
• Benches
• Outdoor fitness equipment  

Brand marketing and E-commerce 

Don’t know how to ensure traffic to your business? Need sales promotion, affiliate marketing, or SEO? Don’t have such tools as CRM or CMS? We can help you!
We offer the full package of brand marketing & E-commerce services:

• Sales promotion and follow-up (remarketing) advertising (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Ads, native banners, etc.)
• Affiliate marketing (online advertising by creating a collaboration between the add placer and the advertiser)
• SEO (internal, external, backlinks)

• CRM (Installation, unique customization only for your business)
• CMS (Content and process management system integration and unique customization according to your business needs)
• E-commerce warehouse management and its automation (Automatic ordering of goods, account and debtor management, reminders, etc.)
• E-commerce audit (Processes, website, audience, sales analysis)
• Creating a business KPI and developing a strategy based on them (We will compile the key performing indicators of your business and use them to apply a standard solution to promote sales, manage customers and optimize cross-system processes) 


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